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US Government forbids minors under 14 from using social media

US Government forbids minors under 14 from using social media

Concerning the influence of social media on youth, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill restricting access to social media for minors under the age of (14) into law on Monday.


The state will forbid 13-year-olds from opening social media accounts, and 14- and 15-year-olds will require parental approval to use these sites.

The law has sparked concerns about free speech in addition to social media, and it comes at a time when right-wing state governments are pushing contentious “parental rights” legislation that has a significant impact on education.

According to DeSantis, lawmakers were attempting to assist parents in navigating the challenging landscape of raising children at this time.

Social media is dangerous because of child pedophiles and human trafficking, according to Florida House Speaker Paul Renner, who also stated that “social media platforms have caused a devastating effect on the mental well-being of our children.”

Though they don’t enforce it, the majority of platforms have age restrictions of 13 or older.

Concerns about how social media affects kids’ and teens’ learning and development have grown across the nation.

However, some people are concerned that the law will set a precedent for limiting free speech online.

DeSantis, who launched a disastrous presidential campaign and withdrew in January, has frequently maintained that parents ought to have more authority over choices that impact their kids, especially those related to education.

Florida and other states have passed laws about parental rights that aim to give parents a greater say in matters that are considered contentious, particularly when it comes to LGBTQ education in schools.

Some argue that the government should avoid getting involved in disputes like these entirely, even though the social media ban gives parents control over the situation.

A more stringent social media ban that would have prevented access for anyone under the age of sixteen was previously vetoed by DeSantis.

At the time, he stated that there needed to be a better harmony between the conflicting rights of parents, privacy concerns, and free speech.

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