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How To Link NIN To Zenith Bank Account In 2024

How To Link NIN To Zenith Bank Account In 2024
How To Link NIN To Zenith Bank Account In 2024

It is with no doubt that every bank has asked its Individuals to quickly link their NIN to their various bank accounts to avoid getting their accounts frozen. I know you are curious as to how to go about linking your NIN as a Zenith Bank user, well you are in the right place, In this article, I’m going to give you every detail on how you can do this easily, stress-free, and accurately, read on to figure it all out.


What is NIN and BVN?

You cannot fully understand this topic without knowing the meaning of NIN and BVN so before we dive into the steps, let’s quickly understand what this NIN and BVN are.

The National Identification Number is an eleven-digit number given to every Nigerian as a way of identification on different platforms.

Meanwhile, Your bank account is linked with a number which is called the Bank Verification Number (BVN), which improves security and facilitates easy banking transactions.

Importance Of Linking Your NIN To Your Zenith Bank Account

As I said earlier, to avoid your bank account being restricted from receiving or sending funds you have to link your NIN as instructed by the Central Bank Of Nigeria, it will also help to strengthen security and reduce fraud.

The NIN is a means of identification and data, making it easy to verify and confirm transactions made on your account.

Now, before you go to any bank branch nearest to you for this NIN linking service make sure to go with your:

  1. National Identification Number (NIN) SLIP: This is the 11-digit number issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) for the sake of identification for each citizen.
  2. Bank Verification Number (BVN): This is also an 11-digit number provided by the bank which is linked to your bank accounts to monitor your transactions.

If you have both of these, then you can proceed to the bank to link of your NIN

1. Visit the Nearest Zenith Bank Branch or ATM

The first step is to visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch or any Zenith Bank ATM. While going make sure to carry your identification documents like your National ID card, international passport, and driver’s license, for confirmation purposes.

2. Ask for the NIN linking Form

Once you get to the bank, reach out to the customer service desk or use the ATM services to request the NIN linking form. This form is specifically meant to capture your NIN and link it to your existing BVN.

3. Provision of Required Information

After filling out the NIN linkage form with accurate information which may include your details such as your BVN, and, most importantly, your NIN go ahead and Double-check the information to ensure it is correct.

4. Submitting the Form

When you are done with the first 3 steps, submit the completed form to the bank staff or follow the screen instructions should you be using an ATM. The bank staff will confirm the information provided and begin the linking process.

5. Verification

For safety purposes, the bank may need you to do some biometrics verification. This process may involve fingerprints, facial IDs, or other biometric data to confirm your identity. This is an important process to help ensure that the linking is secure and correct.

6. Confirmation

Immediately after the verification process is complete, a confirmation of the successful linking will be received. However, Keep this confirmation for your records and future references.

7. Check Linked Information

After some time, log in to your Wema Bank account online or visit the nearest ATM to check if your NIN has been successfully linked to your BVN. This step is important to confirm that the process was completed without any issues.


The process of linking your NIN to Zenith Bank with your BVN is a short and easy process to improve the security of your financial information. By following these simple steps, you have successfully linked Your NIN, and BVN To Zenith Bank Latest In 2024 with no fear of your account being blocked, or scammed.

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