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Gov. Mbah has vowed to pay wage awards to State employees

Gov. Mbah has vowed to pay wage awards to State employees

Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah has pledged to keep paying wage awards to state employees until the new minimum wage is announced.

The governor promised, “To hold a Town Hall meeting at the Old Government House in Enugu on Saturday with the people of Enugu“.


According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the governor started paying state employees their wage award, which ranges from N10,000 to N25,000, in December of last year to mitigate the impact of the removal of fuel subsidies.

According to NAN, several people attended the town hall meeting, including women, students, young people, business owners, traders, transport unions, and representatives of civil society organizations.

Mbah declared that the welfare of his people would come first in his government and that he would instill values that would support workers’ well-being.

He promised, “We will continue to pay wage awards until the new minimum wage is concluded.”

The governor clarified that he didn’t waste time in paying the pension and gratuity arrears that his administration inherited from retired civil servants.

“We are putting a lot of effort into clearing that for local government employees and elementary school teachers today.

Regarding education, Mbah stated that his administration believed it to be the most effective tool in the fight against poverty, which is why SMART Schools are being built throughout 260 wards and scheduled to open in September 2025.

“Instead of utilizing textbooks and smart whiteboards for instruction, our kids will now study on tablets and learn about robotics, artificial intelligence, and other topics that will shape their interest in technology,” he stated.

To lower infant and maternal mortality in the state, the governor announced that the government was constructing level two Primary Health Centers throughout the 260 wards.

According to Mbah, it has already granted 30 contracts to the health centers and is set to grant an additional 100.

Regarding electricity, the governor revealed that efforts were underway to produce and distribute energy to supply power to residences and commercial establishments within the state.

“Since electricity is a crucial infrastructure need for the private sector to prosper, we seized the opportunity when the Federal Government moved it from the exclusive to the concurrent list by forming the Enugu State Electricity Commission.

“People will be able to purchase and sell electricity, so there won’t be any monopolies.”

Mbah also promised to maintain the state’s Scholarship Board and create a program to guarantee students palliative care.

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