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Chelsea boss Pochettino hits back at bottle job jibe

Chelsea boss Pochettino hits back at bottle job jibe
Chelsea boss Pochettino hits back at bottle job jibe

Chelsea boss Pochettino hits back at bottle job jibe


In the world of football, things can get pretty heated, especially when it comes to coaches and managers defending their teams. Recently, Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino found himself in the limelight as he responded to what most people are calling a “bottle job” jibe which was commented directly to his team. In this article, Chelsea boss Pochettino hits back at bottle job jibe, we’ll break down what happened and how Pochettino reacted to the criticism.

For most readers who don’t understand what the word  “bottle job” means,  it is football slang that is used to indicate that a team or player can’t handle the tension in critical moments, basically implying that they “bottle” it when things get challenging. In this case, someone there this comment at Pochettino, blaming him or his team for not being up to the challenge when it matters most.

However, Chelsea were given the “blue billion-pound bottle jobs” label by former Manchester United defender Gary Neville after Sunday’s 1-0 defeat to Liverpool in the League Cup final.

Pochettino didn’t take this comment lightly he hit back, and he hit back strong. He defended himself and his team, by saying and I quote

“The problem is so annoying when after eight months always people talk about one billion.

“I feel that’s a little bit unfair. The new owners arrived with the right intention and they want to build something different from the past.

“For me, the players have an amazing quality, they only need time. It’s not an excuse for me because if I am here or not, it’s not dependent on me. I think we are doing an amazing job.”  He likely highlighted the achievements and efforts of his squad to prove that they are more than capable, even in high-pressure situations.

Further into the interview, Pochettino said and I quote, “We cannot see maybe great results. But I think with time we are going to have an amazing team.

“We are young, we are learning. People who worked here for many years say they have started to feel a different way about how the club is.

“But unfortunately we cannot relate in points. Always this type of process needs time.”

When Pochettino was asked if he expects the club’s ownership to remain patient, Pochettino replied: “Why not? I am confident until they tell me something.

“I feel the support from them. When I went up (to receive his runners-up medal at Wembley), I was so upset, nearly crying when I arrived there.

“And then Todd sent a very, very nice text to me, and then I met (co-owner) Behdad (Eghbali) and he was really good.”


In the world of football, where words can be as impactful as goals, managers like Pochettino know how to stand up for their teams. The “bottle job” comment might have stung for a moment, but Pochettino’s response shows that he’s not backing down. As the season advances, we can expect more heated moments on and off the pitch, making the football world even more exciting for fans.

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