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A disowned British man fighting for Russia declares, “I’ll die for Putin”

A disowned British man fighting for Russia declares,

A British mercenary fighting in Ukraine for Russia has declared his willingness to die for the “cause.”

Ben Stimson, 48, and Aiden Minnis, 37, boasted in a video that they had posted after fleeing to the Donetsk region to join Vladimir Putin’s forces.

In a recent statement, however, Minnis says he is prepared to die for the cause. “I trust them and I will die for them,” he said, referring to his fellow soldiers as his brothers. They have greatly aided me and proven themselves.

“We comprehend one another.” a little sign language, pidgin English, and pidgin Russian. It is completed.

Tina, Minnis’ mother, claims she has not spoken to her son in years after disowning him and was unaware that he was fighting for the Russians.

These two British men are the first known to be supporting Putin; in the video, Stimson, an Oldham, Manchester resident, states, “Every man makes his own decisions.” Many of the foreign volunteers have decided to come over to the Russian side.

Minnis is a convicted felon from Chippenham, Wiltshire, and a former member of the National Front. It is thought that Minnis joined Stimson following the start of the conflict in Ukraine.


He faces several charges, including beating up a homeless man, assaulting a racist, and driving recklessly, which resulted in the deaths of two people.

Upon his return to the UK, he was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison.

The claims from the British mercenary coincide with criticism of the two Brits for taking up arms against Ukraine by a former British Army commander, who called them a “disgrace.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former commander in the British Army, stated to the Mirror:

“These two are a complete disgrace and traitors who ought to be detained and imprisoned upon their return to the United Kingdom.”

In 2015, Stimson traveled to Ukraine for the first time and fought alongside Russian separatists in the Donbas area.

I’m ready to go now, bags packed,’ he posted before heading back to Russia. All I can hope for is that I don’t get arrested by the British police and then have them fabricate or manipulate evidence against me.

Despite being detained upon his arrival at Manchester Airport, he was permitted to board a flight to Moscow via Istanbul. Since 2016, Martin, Stimson’s 76-year-old father, has disowned his son.

About his mercenary son, Martin declared, “I’ve cut him off.” I interrupted him while he was in Moscow. I’ve been Ben’s caregiver intermittently for a very long time. Now he’s on his own. Now that he’s 48, he has complete freedom.

He has caused me continual concern. At my age, I’d like a little peace. You can never be sure of his next move.

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