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Oando’s GCE Delivers Insightful Blueprint for Oil and Gas Success at the Guyana Energy Conference

Oando’s GCE Delivers Insightful Blueprint for Oil and Gas Success at the Guyana Energy Conference
Oando’s GCE Delivers Insightful Blueprint for Oil and Gas Success at the Guyana Energy Conference

An innovative Energy Conference was recently held at the 3rd Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo. This has instilled optimism in the sector. The Guyana Energy Conference (GCE) hosted by Oando proved to be a shining example, providing a successful road map that will undoubtedly influence the country’s energy environment for many years to come.


The conference, which held at the Guyana Marriott Hotel, Georgetown from February 19 – 22, has “Fueling Transformation and Modernization.” as the theme of this conference

The Group Chief Executive of Oando PLC, Mr. Adewale Tinubu, gave a provocative keynote speech titled “The Winning Oil & Gas Industry Strategy.” he gave wonderful insights on this conference. The GCE was more than just a regular assembly of business leaders; it served as a forum for the exchange of ideas and perspectives aimed at illuminating the way forward for Guyana’s oil and gas industry. Oando, a pivotal figure who brought minds together to discuss strategies, obstacles, and opportunities in the energy sector, was at the center of this insightful conference.

In other words, Oando’s GCE provided Guyana with a roadmap, or a comprehensive instruction manual, so that it could make the most of its natural gas and oil resources. It was crucial to extract resources from the earth, but it was also crucial to do the work properly, ensure sustainable growth, and optimize benefits for the nation and its people.

What made Oando’s GCE unique, then? It was not just about pipelines and drilling; it was a holistic approach. The conference delved into the intricacies of the industry, covering topics ranging from environmental concerns to community involvement. Finding a balance between social responsibility and economic growth was crucial; it wasn’t just about making money.

In his speech, Mr. Tinubu discussed the parallels between the oil sectors of the two nations, emphasizing Oando’s importance to the conversation. As the Group Chief Executive of Oando, a company that operates in the developed oil sector of Nigeria, Mr. Tinubu provided priceless insights from a country that has over the years navigated comparable opportunities and challenges. This abundance of knowledge could act as a guide for the oil sector in Guyana.

The conference’s emphasis on inclusivity was one of its most notable aspects. It was open to everyone, not just influential people in the industry. Rather, it welcomed representatives of the local government, community organizations, and stakeholders. This strategy guarantees that the advantages of Guyana’s energy boom are distributed widely.

What lesson does Guyana need to learn? Sustainable development can be facilitated by putting into practice the useful solutions that were discussed at the GCE, rather than merely theoretical ideas. It is about constructing a future in which Guyana is a conscientious custodian of its natural resources, not just a participant in the oil and gas industry.

Through the GCE, Oando has not only enhanced the story of Guyana’s energy sector but also initiated a national dialogue about responsible navigating of the oil and gas industry’s murky waters. The blueprint presented at the conference is more than just a document; it is a commitment to a future in which the success of the energy sector is gauged not only by barrels but also by the positive effects it has on people’s lives.

The call to invest in human capital as a catalyst for industry advancement closed the presentation. As one of Africa’s top indigenous energy companies, Oando’s attendance at the conference demonstrated its accomplishments and experience, promoting cooperative discourse and cross-regional alliances to surmount challenges and adopt sustainable practices in Guyana’s changing energy landscape.


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