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[New Google Update] AI-Powered Enforcement Efforts in 2023 Ads Safety

[New Google Update] AI-Powered Enforcement Efforts in Its 2023 Ads Safety

Google has released an annual Ads Safety Report, which provides information about the company’s efforts to guarantee secure and reliable advertising across all platforms.

The report highlights Google’s commitment to using cutting-edge technologies, in particular artificial intelligence (AI), to support law enforcement operations and counter new threats in the field of digital advertising.

Vice President & General Manager of Ads Privacy and Safety at Google, Duncan Lennox, said that online advertising plays in maintaining an open and free internet while providing users with a global supply of high-quality, diverse content. Lennox emphasized Google’s continuous efforts to use AI, such as Large Language Models (LLMs) like Gemini, to improve enforcement capacities and preserve a robust ecosystem for ad-supported content.

Lennox discussed how generative AI is revolutionizing the digital advertising space, pointing to developments in image editing and performance optimization. Lennox highlighted Google’s proactive steps to effectively address the accompanying challenges, even in light of the opportunities that generative AI presents.

The integration of LLMs, which allows for quick content review and interpretation at scale while capturing subtle contextual nuances, is one of the main features of Google’s enforcement strategy. Lennox emphasized how important it is for LLMs to support enforcement efforts, especially when it comes to identifying and addressing complex policy violations like fraudulent advertisements that promise quick riches and Unreliable Financial Claims.

Google’s determination to stop fraud and scams was demonstrated by how quickly it responded to new threats, such as when it enforced the Limited Ads Serving policy. By restricting the reach of advertisers who exhibit dubious behavior, this policy seeks to safeguard users and improve transparency and trust within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Apart from combating fraudulent activities, Google is unwavering in its commitment to preserving the integrity of elections by imposing rigorous identity verification and transparency standards on election advertisers. Lennox emphasized Google’s proactive steps to thwart fabricated election claims and give users more information during significant election events.

Lennox emphasized the removal of over 5.5 billion ads and 12.7 million advertiser accounts when considering Google’s enforcement actions in 2023, highlighting the company’s dedication to upholding a secure and safe advertising environment.


He underlined how important AI is to improving enforcement effectiveness, noting that machine learning models are used to start over 90% of publisher page-level enforcement.

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