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Naira abuse: EFCC planning to arrest me—Portable cries out

The singer’s claims have caused a stir on social media, with many questioning the validity of his allegations. Some have accused Portable of trying to gain attention and sympathy, while others have expressed concern over the increasing number of artists being targeted by the EFCC. Regardless of the truth behind Portable’s claims, it is clear that this issue has sparked a debate on the role of the EFCC and its methods of investigating alleged financial crimes.


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However, Portable’s fears may be unfounded as the EFCC has stated that they have no intention of arresting the musician. In a statement released by the agency, they clarified that VeryDarkMan’s accusations were baseless and that they have no evidence against Portable. The agency also urged the public not to spread false information and to trust their investigations before making accusations. Despite this, Portable remains worried about the potential consequences of VeryDarkMan’s accusations and the attention it may bring to him.

“VeryDarkMan abi VeryDarkBrain, you talk too much. Leave talk for people who have something reasonable to say. Are you a law enforcement officer? Your opinions on public affairs are for people in the law enforcement agencies. When you were arrested it was Nigerians who begged for your freedom. When you came out, you were lean; all your muscles disappeared “And now you’re bragging. Leave talk for people who are sensible. You talk about women, politics, everything. What do you do for a living? Tok tok.”

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