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“My Marriage Was Ruined” Said by a Man describing how DNA proves he is not Biological father of his SS son

DNA test has shown that Steven Opeyemi Moses

A DNA test has shown that Steven Opeyemi Moses, a Nigerian man, is not the biological father of a child with an SS genotype, despite his wife’s claims to the contrary.


Moses had presented his argument last year on a TV courtroom program in Nigeria. He disclosed on the show that his wife gave birth a year after they were married, and that’s when he found out that his wife was AS.

On Monday, he revealed this in several posts on his account (@SteveMosoes).

“I am still in awe of how we got here,” he wrote. Our wedding took place on May 21, 2016, exactly. After a year, she became pregnant, giving birth on November 8, 2018, her birthday. We spent thousands of dollars in the hospital during the body’s first crisis, which is when we first realized he was SS.

“At this point, I didn’t understand. Initially, she informed me that the boy was being used by the enemy to harm us. I didn’t dispute with her even though I didn’t believe. I began investigating the possibility that AA + AS could result in SS.

We continued to live together, pray, and fast, but nothing changed. The boy continued to experience crises. Since I was already uncomfortable and had heard numerous times that a DNA test was not possible, we had already run out of money at this point.

I began complaining to my friends about this, and one of them directed me to Ifako General Hospital and Lagos State Teaching Hospital, where a DNA test would be performed at no cost. I thus got in touch with them and set up a paternity test sample for the boy and me.

“The results of the paternity test were revealed in a court session in December. She has been deceiving the Justice Court by not returning calls to carry out the judge’s order to conduct a maternity test since December.

“I witnessed a few isolated instances of extremely severe weather, but because of the pleasant weather, it was not feasible in Nigeria.” At Ifako General Hospital and Lagos State Teaching Hospital, I had conversations with a few council members and midwives.

A DNA test was ordered by the judge after the investigation, and the results showed a 0% probability of paternity, indicating a negative outcome. To be honest, this marriage broke me by Steven Opeyemi Moses.

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