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Guardiola Says De Bruyne and Haaland Work Great Together on the Field

"Guardiola Says De Bruyne and Haaland Work Great Together on the Field"

Recently, Pep Guardiola complimented Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland’s collaboration during a game. On the field, he said, their connection was fantastic. He said and I quote,


“I think Erling needs a guy with the vision, the quality, and generosity”, the boss said. “Kevin is a less selfish player in front of the goal, and if he could have helped him score another one, he would do it.”

“And Kevin needs the movement from Erling but of course, we know how aggressive they are.”

“Stefan [Ortega Moreno] was amazing with the long passes – not just for Erling – to the players in between.”

“As much as we can we make every player has three or four touches and we can make extra passes and move the structure that they have and did it well.”

Guardiola enjoys the way they communicate with each other during the game and how well they play together. Fans are eager to witness more of the team’s outstanding collaboration in upcoming games as this partnership develops into a true strength for the squad.

Haaland who has 79 goals in 83 impressions for Manchester City in all competitions since his debut in July 2022, made a statement, and said, “I think we made a plan and everyone stuck to it perfectly.

We did well and kept the ball.” “That’s what we need to do against these teams. So well played by everyone.” “Yeah, it’s coming [peak]. We’re coming. Exciting times ahead. We are ready to attack.”

Guardiola also made a statement regarding De Bruyne, saying: “Of course, [he has] massive [influence]. Look at what he’s doing!” he said. “He’s doing what he’s best at. It’s a pleasure to play with him.”

“It’s quite good [connection]. I think we know what we both want from each other.”

“We look at each other often throughout the game. It clicks well. He’s a smart guy and I like to play with smart guys.”

“My fitness is getting there and I’m getting back to my best finally. I’m feeling good and it’s an amazing feeling.”

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