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EPL: Manchester United would sack Ten Hag even if they win the FA Cup, according to Shearer

Shearer’s statement is highly controversial and has sparked debate among football fans. Many argue that a manager’s success should not solely determine their job security, while others believe that results are the most important factor in football. It remains to be seen if Manchester United will indeed part ways with ten Hag, but one thing is certain: the final decision will have a major impact on the club’s future and the attitudes towards managerial positions in the world of football.


Although Manchester United may have won the game, their performance against a lower league team raises concerns about their ability to compete at the highest level. Under the management of Ten Hag, the team has not shown significant improvement and seems to be struggling to replicate their previous successes. With a potential failure to qualify for the Champions League and an early exit from the competition, it is clear that something needs to change for Manchester United to remain a top team in the future.

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Former footballer Alan Shearer has made a bold prediction about the future of Manchester United’s manager. Despite the possibility of winning the FA Cup, Shearer believes that the current manager’s position is already determined and he will be let go regardless of the outcome. Shearer also points out the team’s players and attitude as factors that contribute to this decision. He believes that the team’s current position and goals are not aligned with the manager’s, leading to the inevitable decision of his departure.

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