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EFCC in baseless witch-hunt of Ex-Gov Bello — Kogi Govt

EFCC in baseless witch-hunt of Ex-Gov Bello — Kogi Govt

Today’s News – Kogi State government has once more requested that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) be relentlessly pursuing and prosecuting the former governor, Yahaya Bello.


The administration claimed that everyone would be curious to learn why the Commission was making such a great effort to locate what wasn’t missing.

The state government demanded that the EFCC stop mentioning Kogi State in its ongoing persecution and reaffirmed that its funds were not missing.

The administration claimed that certain political figures close to the presidency were behind the witch-hunt, to damage the former governor’s reputation.

Kingsley Fanwo, the Kogi State Commissioner for Information, released a statement outlining the Kogi State government’s stance.

“We think that President Bola Tinubu is unaware of this ignoble agenda. He trusted those in positions of authority, believing they would use them wisely for the betterment of our country.

Sadly, they have decided to use the privileges bestowed upon them as a means of pursuing political vengeance.

The amended charges are fictitious, untrue, frivolous, and far from the truth. They also mentioned the name of the former governor, Bello. These are made-up accusations that indicate their desperate attempt to demonize a dog to hang it.

“The goal was to sensationalize the entire situation and encourage a media campaign against the former governor and other public servants.

It continued, “We have seen how low the EFCC and its paymasters will go to serve the political agenda of those who are afraid of Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s growing prominence.”

“What is happening in Kogi State before the EFCC is pushed into being used as a hired gun by political hawks who are acting a selfish and overambitious script,” the state government urged President Tinubu to order a special investigation.

It stated that people could air their grievances without tarnishing Kogi State’s reputation.

By the 2016 trend, the commissioner insisted that the Kogi government “believes in transparency, accountability, and probity.”


“As a subnational in the Nigerian nationhood, we wish to express our utmost respect for agencies set up to perform specific functions towards the greatness of Nigeria,” the statement further stated.

The Kogi State government is likewise devotedly supporting the current administration’s resolve to combat and end corruption.

“As an administration, we took over the zero-tolerance policy for corruption from Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s recent administration.

“Since 2016, the Kogi State government has consistently reinforced its anti-corruption safeguards to guarantee that the people’s commonwealth serves the interests of all Kogites.

“The State Government has received numerous reputable awards for this from both domestic and international organizations, such as the World Bank.

“It’s regrettable and says volumes about how we reward selfless leadership in our country that the EFCC is so desperate to put the immediate past governor on their corruption list for obvious political reasons.

Kogi funds

“We would like to clarify for the records that Kogi’s funds are not missing and that the EFCC is making every effort to locate what is not missing.

“Therefore, demand that the EFCC stop bringing up Kogi State in its ongoing persecution, which is being carried out by certain political figures in and around the Presidency who are determined to ruin Kogi State’s and Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s reputation.”

“As a government, we will never stop aiding the federal government in its fight against corruption. But a crusade like that ought to be grounded in the rule of law, moral rectitude, and the absence of political intrigue.

“We cannot allow our campaign against corruption to become politicized. We still trust the legal system to uphold our reputation and moral standards.

“Persons with personal grievances may air them out without casting Kogi State’s name into disrepute. As of 2016, our government adheres to the principles of accountability, transparency, and probity.

“We also want to reassure the good people of our state that everything will be done to keep our government’s integrity intact.

“Our administration is committed to acting in a manner that will earn respect for Kogites everywhere they go, as well as maintain our standing with our international development partners who have consistently praised our anti-corruption record.”

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