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Burna Boy apologizes to blogs in Nigeria but claims that Western media is worse

Burna Boy has been facing accusations of lying about his age after some Western blogs shared old photos of him, doubting his claim of being 32 years old. However, the Grammy-winning singer has since apologized to Nigerian blogs, stating that the Western blogs are worse.


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Burna Boy clarified that the photos were old and he does not owe anyone an explanation about his age. He also expressed his frustration with the constant scrutiny and doubting of his identity and achievements.

This statement is a prime example of Burna Boy’s disdain for the media and his desire to control his public image.

By calling out specific blogs and referring to their readers as “weirdos” and “parasites,” he is displaying a lack of respect for the media and their role in reporting news.

Additionally, his threats to sue and insults towards Nigerian blogs show a disregard for freedom of the press and a desire to silence any negative coverage of himself. Overall, this statement contradicts the importance of a free and open media in a democratic society.

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