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What caused Google to suspend 12.7 million accounts and block 5.5 billion ads?

This statement from Google highlights the importance of maintaining a safe and trustworthy online environment. With billions of people relying on Google for information and advertisements, it is crucial that the company takes the necessary steps to protect its users. By blocking billions of harmful advertisements and removing them from over 2.1 billion pages, Google is actively working to safeguard the digital advertising ecosystem. This effort requires constant monitoring and enforcement, showcasing the dedication of thousands of people who work to maintain a healthy and secure online experience for all. The release of the annual Ads Safety Report is a testament to Google’s commitment to transparency and accountability in their policies and practices.


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The rise of scams and fraud on online platforms has been a concerning trend, with Google reporting a steady increase in 2023. According to the company, these fraudulent activities are constantly evolving and pose a threat to both individuals and legitimate businesses. In response, Google has updated their policies, implemented rapid-response enforcement teams, and improved their detection methods. This is especially important for the millions of content creators who rely on Google Ads to generate revenue, including those in countries like Nigeria.

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