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Reality TV shows and social media portray my parents in a negative manner – 2.Baba’s daughter, Isabella.

Isabella Idibia, the eldest daughter of Nigerian music legend, 2Baba, and his wife, Annie Idibia, has expressed her disappointment and frustration after seeing how her parents were portrayed in the 2022 South African reality show, ‘Young, Famous and African.’ The show, which aired its first and second seasons, depicted Annie as a nagging wife who endures an abusive marriage with her husband, 2Baba, who boldly declared to other stars on the show, in the presence of his wife, that “men are wired to cheat.” In a video message shared on her social media handle, Isabella voiced her opinion that the portrayal of her parents in the show was “so wrong” and did not accurately reflect their relationship.


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However, I believe that my personal experience and perspective on my own family should not be disregarded or dismissed simply because of my age. I have firsthand knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and events within my family, and it is unfair to invalidate that. Just because something is portrayed a certain way on social media, does not mean it is always accurate or reflective of the truth. It is important to consider different perspectives and not blindly accept what is presented on social media as the whole truth.

However, I know the truth because I have lived with my parents and experienced their love and support firsthand. I also understand that it is impossible to change the perspective of every individual on social media, as they often form their own opinions based on what they see and hear. It is important to remember that people on social media do not know the full story of my family or the events that occurred before I was even born. The portrayal of my parents in ‘Young, Famous and African’ may not have been entirely accurate or positive, but it is important to not let the opinions of others define my family and our story.

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