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Ramadan Day 5: Major tips for breaking fast

Major tips for breaking fast

Muslims are mainly known for their daily routine of fasting. During the Ramadan period at the rising of sunset, the fasting hours come to an end with the fourth prayer of the day, known as Maghrib.


Muslims break their fast with iftar, a filling meal that is traditionally served with dates. Breaking the fast at 6:55 p.m.

How to break the fast with the greatest rewards

Including the extra time we spend trying to improve ourselves, we will typically be eager to break our fast when the Maghrib adhan (call to prayer) begins, after about 14 hours without eating or drinking anything.

Rasulullah s.a.w. acknowledged this joy as well as other advantages of fasting in his guide to fasting which made him say “If any of you observe a fast on a given day, you should not speak indecently or raise your voice. Instead, you should say, “I am fasting,” to anyone who mocks or tries to argue with you”.

The breath of a person fasting is sweeter to Allah on the Day of Judgment than the fragrance of musk because it comes from Him (Allah), in Whose Hand the life of Muhammad.

According to Sahih Muslim which advice that “People will continue to prosper in goodness as long as they hasten to break their fast,” declared the Prophet (s.a.w). (Sahih Al-Bukhari) We should break our fast before saying the Maghrib prayer, even if we are pressed for time for any specific reason.

It is best to prepare for breaking fast so that you are not caught off guard by your work schedule or confusion over what to eat.

How to breakfast Islam dua

Dhahaba adh-Dhama’ wabtallatil-urooq wa thabatal-ajr inshaa’Allah.The Prophet recommends that one of the best times to make dua is during the breaking of the fast.

Ramadan day 5 Major tips for Breaking fast in Islam

  • By Haroon-Ishola Balogun
  • Hasten to break your fast
  • Break with dates or water
  • Make dua after the first bite
  • Eat only Halal food

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